From the DeNova Detect website:

After tragic events like the natural gas explosion in Edgewood, MD, on October 10, 2021, which hospitalized an individual and destroyed three homes, people are continuing to come together to look for ways to help their neighbors in need. To support the Edgewood community in their efforts, and in partnership with the Joppa-Magnolia Fire Co., New Cosmos USA, Inc. is donating nearly $25,000 worth of their DeNova Detect brand natural gas alarms to Edgewood. With this product donation, New Cosmos hopes to eliminate any further injuries or property damage that can arise from another devastating natural gas explosion.

The DeNova Detect brand offers accurate and reliable natural gas alarms to protect people and property and is deeply committed to educating residents of the potential danger of natural gas leaks.

The Baltimore area has been devastated by natural gas explosions in recent years. In August of 2019, a Baltimore explosion killed two people, injured seven, and destroyed three rowhomes. These are strong reminders for communities to be aware of the dangers of natural gas leaks and how they can protect themselves and their families. Natural gas explosions like these are potentially preventable when natural gas alarms are present in homes.

“Unfortunately, natural gas explosions such as this one in Edgewood are becoming far too common, and they serve as a sobering reminder of a household danger that many people might not be aware of…Through our natural gas alarm donation and partnership with the Joppa-Magnolia Fire Co., we hope to protect the Edgewood community, so they never have to experience something like this again.”

Ron Lazarus, COO of New Cosmos USA.

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